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Monetizing Techniques

⚡️ Abuse Exchange ⚡️ - ✅ Earn $300 A DAY ✅ - ⚡️ Free Tutorial ⚡️

Submitted by DaredeviI at 10-05-2024, 06:25 PM

⚡️ Abuse Exchange ⚡️ - ✅ Earn $300 A DAY ✅ - ⚡️ Free Tutorial ⚡️ 45 Views
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Hi, I want to share a leak I learned about in the closed arbitrage community.
This method is quite simple but extremely effective. It involves the MEXC exchange and the IOST coin (you can learn more about it on CoinMarketCap).
The method revolves around using an old IOST listing address that compensated users with a percentage of the commission (initially, the exchange set too high a commission for each transaction on the IOST network, and in order not to lose potential investors, IOST reduced the percentage using their own funds). The listing passed, and IOST changed the cold address to a hot one, which does not provide such an opportunity. But the joke is that if we use the cold address, it will bring us a profit of 0.2-0.5%. It's a small amount, but considering compound interest, you can earn a little.

How to do it?
1) Buy a IOST coin
2) Then go to Wallet, Spot and select the purchased IOST
3) Select Deposit and copy MEMO
4) Go back and select Withdraw
  • Network: IOST
  • Address: iostcontr
  • MEMO: Enter the copied MEMO
5) Choose a small amount of coins for the test
6) And after ±10 minutes we get the amount sent, but only +0.5% (in coins)
MEMO - It's your wallet ID, so it needs to be entered every time!

  • Do no more than 20-30 transactions per day because MEXC may block you for a while due to suspicious activity, and you will just lose time
  • This one can be automated, I have already realized it, and I am ready to sell the script cheaper than the market! So you don't have to do everything by hand.
  • If anyone wants the original post or video tutorial, I can drop it on Telegram
My Telegram: @XTimofey

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