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Monetizing Techniques


Submitted by Dg15 at 11-11-2022, 05:09 PM

⭐️GANA 7€ CON TIKTOK⭐️ 41 Views
Dg15's Avatar'
Hello, I bring you a new tiktok promotion with which you will earn €7 + €7 per guest.

At no time will we have to send any document or meet demanding conditions. The steps to earn up to 7 euros on TikTok Now are as follows:

• We download the
TikTokNow app

If they ask for it and you want, we can enter my code


• We log in to the app for 7 days in a row

You don't have to do anything else. The first day you will earn €0.70 (enough to withdraw the money directly to your PayPal account), the second day €1.50, the third €0.70… and the seventh day €2. Making a total of seven euros. Easy!

Today I have withdrawn the first €0.40 for the first day to paypal.

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