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Monetizing Techniques

[$50] Easy Earn using rdp

Submitted by Nachoo69 at 14-08-2022, 06:57 PM

[$50] Easy Earn using rdp 97 Views
Nachoo69's Avatar'
Get an RDP , Try to find an rdp with a dedicated IP.   
So we can actually make money from it.  
Once you get an rdp sign up for these sites:  
Bingger bot  
Earn Honey  
SuperSwag bot  
(try to setup vms with your referral link)    
Because of the strong connection you’ll make a big profit.   
TIPS: You can share your’s referral Links in Websites / Forums , etc. That’s Easy Money.
With FluidStack, They give you $5 for each referral that uses the nodes for 1 week  
Imagine that 10 people use nodes for 1 week with your referral link, $50 easy.

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