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Get Free CSGO Skins fast and legit (withdraw proof)

Submitted by Johnnydepinguin at 13-11-2022, 10:50 AM

DIAMOND Get Free CSGO Skins fast and legit (withdraw proof) 67 Views
Johnnydepinguin's Avatar'
Hello and welcome to this new thread today imma show you how to get free csgo skins.

First I'm going to tell you how this website works and how to make a profit from it: This website is run because it contains offer wallets such as offertoro etc. so if you download an app, for example, you get coins from it and the site gets a little money from it and instead of money you will, of course, get coins to buy csgo skins.

Now let's dive deeper into how to make coins and my tutorial on how to get coins quickly:

So the first thing to do is download the app: and use my referral code for free 20 coins ( 52WNE5kX ) as you have arrived in the app you go to tasks and then GC.SKINS and there you can find easy tasks where you can find coins with I just stole a video of someone on TikTok and modified it a bit with my referral code in it if you post a video about GC Cases you already get 10 coins if that video gets 1K views you get another 100 coins with that you can already buy a skin. I also had a bit of luck and just won 80 coins with a 39 coins case so I could buy a skin instantly, but I can explain a lot but I think you just have to try it out and then I wish you good luck!

Reff code (free 20 coins) :
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