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Selling 2000 Fresh SMTP's 100% Mail Delivery (SOLD)

Submitted by MrXDark at 15-05-2024, 06:24 AM

DIAMOND Selling 2000 Fresh SMTP's 100% Mail Delivery (SOLD) 71 Views
MrXDark's Avatar'

I would like to sell an SMTP package containing 2000 SMTP's - ( 2k ) (mail delivery 100% inspected, guaranteed and fresh only!) - (Validation Date - Today - 14.05.2024).

Selling the FULL PACK at once, no parts...

The package contains the list below:

SMTP Servers from Mix-World - Inbox and Spam!
- Edu SMTP's
- Gov SMTP's
- Corp SMTP's
- Office 365 SMTP's

Ports: 587 & 465
Most Smtp's have access to webmail too

SMTP format:
Host, port, email, password

10 SMTP Sample PACK: (100% WORK & FRESH SMTPS)

The total package price is 500 USD

To buy:
You can contact me on telegram @darkthemr666

It's possible to open escrow or staff mm..

Provide package after payment!

Thank you!
Have a nice day.
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