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Mode Network Airdrop Claim Guide

Submitted by payroZZa at 12-02-2024, 12:43 AM

Mode Network Airdrop Claim Guide 185 Views
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Ethereum Layer two (L2) airdrops have recently presented one of the greatest opportunities to earn money in crypto. 2022 gave us Optimism, 2023 gave us Arbitrum and now as multiple Ethereum L2’s launch in 2024 the opportunity to earn tokens from these networks seem endless. Mode network non ref link just launched on January 31st and the opportunity to become an early adopter just presented itself once again with an airdrop for $MODE tokens confirmed for April 2024. The best part is, if you’re active in crypto you probably already qualified for the Mode Network. In this article we’ll explore what Mode Network is, how to claim the airdrop and how to get a bigger allocation of $MODE.Mode.

What is Mode Network?
Mode is a modular, defi focused L2 building the Superchain alongside Optimism with the goal of empowering developers and users to grow an ecosystem of world-class applications and be directly rewarded for their contribution. Mode features low fees, fast transactions, interoperability with the Optimism Superchain, developer airdrops and shared revenue from sequencer fees, rewarding builders and users of applications.
Mode is powered by the OP stack and endorsed by Optimism, receiving a grant of two million $OP tokens to develop the ecosystem (worth around $6 million at the time of writing) according to
The Block.

How to Claim the $MODE Airdrop (Time Sensitive)

Qualifying and claiming the Mode airdrop is simple, requiring 5 minutes of your time and some $ETH on mainnet to bridge to Mode Network. Users who complete these steps before February 14th will recieve some bonus early adopter $Mode points. The claim process goes as follows:
Visit the  Mode Airdrop Page , sign in with your wallet and connect your Twitter account. Participation is invite only so alternatively you can use the code: AEXHGK

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