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ONLYFANS Scrapping service | 60% off all PPVs | starts at $15!!

Submitted by a1mightygmer at 10-02-2024, 10:10 AM

ONLYFANS Scrapping service | 60% off all PPVs | starts at $15!! 69 Views
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OnlyFans Scrapping service

How does it work? You request a model and pay 75% less than what her subscription cost is. (A model who has a subscription cost of $10 would only cost you $2.5). I then scrape all her content that ISN’TPPV, upload to a mega, and send you the link.

What about PPVs? PPVs are discounted at 60% each.


$15 + 25% of subscription cost - Max 300 pictures and 20 Videos.

$20 + 25% of subscription cost - Max 450 pictures and 35 videos.

$25 + 25% of subscription cost - Max 550 pictures and 50 videos.

PPVs are an extra charge per video/image. This depends on the PPVs price.

Additional pricing available depending on your needs!


Am I limited to just one model? No! You're allowed up to 3 models per order!

What is the turnaround time?Due to the nature of my method It can take up to 48 hours. But in most cases though, you can expect your files 6-12 hours after purchase.

What Can I use this for? Ewhore packs, personal pleasure, throwing them in leak discords, or whatever you want.


Discord: cab0ose_

telegram: @cabooseo
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