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The Real Faces Behind Freewallet’s Deception

Submitted by Derekk at 09-07-2024, 10:14 PM

The Real Faces Behind Freewallet’s Deception 425 Views
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Alvin Hagg, the co-founder and CEO of, has long shunned the spotlight. However, our recent investigation has unveiled a shocking truth: the real masterminds behind the Freewallet scam are two Russian immigrants, deeply involved in another fraudulent cryptocurrency venture, Cryptopay. Among them, Vasily Mesheryakov stands out as the primary PR manager orchestrating these scams.

Freewallet is promoted as a secure multi-currency wallet, but numerous reviews expose it as a major scam. Many users have lost their savings due to blocked or failed transactions. Similarly, Cryptopay, a payment and exchange service, entices victims with low fees, only for them to discover that they cannot withdraw their assets. Our findings reveal that both Freewallet and Cryptopay share the same ownership and employ identical fraudulent tactics.

Dmitry Gunyashov, another key figure, is believed to be at the helm of these operations, despite lacking experience in legitimate business management. His expertise lies in orchestrating scam operations while evading legal repercussions. The scheme is simple: clients create accounts, deposit funds, and then find their accounts blocked, leaving them unable to access their assets.

Mesheryakov’s role is critical in maintaining the façade of legitimacy through aggressive marketing and buying positive reviews. His activities extend beyond Cryptopay and Freewallet, involving other ventures like Dioram.

For more information on Vasily Mesheryakov and to find contact details, visit Join us in holding these scammers accountable and help bring justice to the victims of these fraudulent schemes. If you have any additional information, please contact us at [email protected].

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