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scam report against @niml0th2 | $20

Submitted by sixen at 17-09-2023, 11:24 PM

scam report against @niml0th2 | $20 108 Views
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Again, another report for this kid. Fake shop - any payment is overpaid or fails, whatever. I don't even care to post screenshots of the chat with their "support". It's just some moron who says the admin will take care of it and then never responds back. Cycling between different people.

It's pretty obvious with previous reports that this dude is a POS and his entire shop is built around these false payments in hope that nobody registers an account to report him. I'll make sure he's remembered and wherever he goes he'll never have any traffic. Even if its under a new domain and host. 

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User banned. Sorry for your loss.
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